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About Greenify Consulting

Greenify Consulting offers a range of practical, cost effective & sustainable solutions for anybody wanting transparency and control over their domestic or commercial building project. Whether it is design management, cost estimating or construction management Greenify Consulting has the experience and systems to keep the entire process under control.

Greenify Consulting is a totally independent service that focuses on each client as an individual. With over 30 years of building experience our aim is to provide custom advice no matter what type of building project you have in mind.

Our service brings control to your building project. The entire process is transparent and you will be involved every step of the way from the cost planning to custom design and project completion.

Whether you decide to engage a builder or you want to owner build we have you covered.

The process works simply by helping you manage your project. We help you with design, approval for construction and even finance.

Once finance has been arranged we help you manage the sequence of works and finally payment to your tradesmen.

Fully independent building inspectors ensure that works are completed and compliant with building standards prior to issuing payment.

Payment is made directly to the subcontractor so we insist that all warranties are supplied first.

To find out how we can help you send us an email today and we will provide you with free advice about your individual situation.

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We work with commercial builders on multi-million dollar projects and also with owner builders on a limited budget.