Managing programs for large groups of students is now easy. Greenify Consulting has worked extensively for the Department of Education to produce systems and programs that make managing high volume communication and tracking of progress simple.

Time management and resource management software is simple to use and helps teachers, students and parents manage time and tasks easily.






The “Greenify” process is simple and can be adapted to any already operating school management systems such as Millenium, Sentral and Tass(The alpha school system). It can also be fully integrated with the new Dept of education LMBR (Learning Management & Business Reform)

Most schools already have the availability of ‘systems’ but due to poor implementation they never reach their full potential and therefore are of no benefit to the school.

Greenify Consulting creates specific modules tailored to each unique school situation and then trains staff in the correct use of the system.

Some of the services Greenify Consulting offers to schools is as follows;

  • Full school appraisal of existing systems and a detailed report of findings including recommendations.
  • Implementation of Project Management Software and EPM (Enterprise Project Management) This manages people and resources efficiently.
  • Modification to existing school systems to suit the level of experience for users and includes in-house training for staff.
  • Custom developed systems for schools
  • School integration to LMBR

Other Services offered by Greenify Consulting

Greenify Consulting has worked closely with experienced Careers Adviser’s and has developed programs of work that are easy to use and increase the engagement levels of students.

Some of the positive outcomes achieved from these careers focused programs include;

  1. Retention of students from junior to senior school as students feel they are on a continuum to achieve either a higher education or career path.
  2. Increased participation or ‘buy-in’ from the parents and students especially with work experience and work placement.
  3. Individualised strategy for students that is both self paced and appraised by the students.
  4. Total access for parents to be able to be part of the student’s future decision making.





Some careers based programs already available to schools include; (Each of these programs involve a perpetual site licence at very reasonable cost based on the size of the cohort)

  1. The FEET Program (Further Education & Employment Training) This can be delivered by any teacher but is aimed at the Career’s adviser.
  2. The 10 to 11 Transition Program can be delivered by any teacher but preferably the Year Adviser or Senior Support Teacher.
  3. The SEAT Program (Senior Education and Academic Training) Administered by the Senior Support Teacher

Senior Prep or Senior Support Officers are a fairly new concept to schools. As the name suggests they are a senior student support strategy that manages all issues associated with students overcoming issues that may prevent them from meeting their full potential.

The main function of these officers are;

  • Help students and teachers manage time effectively especially with assessment tasks
  • Manage subject selection and BOSTES entries
  • Pastoral care of students
  • Provide mentoring and referral to other support networks within the school
  • Seek alternative pathways of study from external providers and manage the process with the student
  • Implement the Pathways Program
  • Provide one on one support for assessment tasks including managing LaST support
  • Manage the n-warning process
  • Meet parents or phone regularly as required
  • Conduct Prep Support Meetings and publish minutes for the information of school staff
  • Manage flexible attendance of students
  • Conduct catch-up exams or assessment tasks under BOSTES supervision guidelines

These are just some of the functions of the senior support officer.





Greenify Consulting recommends some of the following time management systems for all schools;

  1. Biometric Scanning of students to aid attendance
  2. EPM or Project Management Software for efficient management of time and resources

If you would like a friendly discussion about how any of these systems can benefit your school then please send an email and preferred time to call via the contact below and I will be in touch soon.