The cost of labour to build a new home is more expensive than the materials required to build it!

One option to save money when building a home is to do it yourself. Another option is to get free help.

The Owner Builder Co-Operative combines both these principles by bringing together people who want to build their own home. Basically you volunteer your time to help each other build.





How it Works

  1. You register your name and building details with us.
  2. We assess your situation and advise if you are eligible.
  3. We then put you in contact with other owner builders willing to participate in your project.
  4. You make an agreement to pledge equal time on each others project. All working time is recorded.
  5. Any tasks that require a qualified tradesman can be arranged so that you work along side them. This will save on labour costs.


How we manage the Process

  1. We locate other owner builders via local council records, advertising and word of mouth. We expect anything up to 1 hour travel time to your project is acceptable.
  2. We ensure all planning is done prior to commencing the project. This ensures safety of all participants, quality of product and good continuity of work.
  3. We make sure all the appropriate insurances are obtained and other statutory guidelines are met.
  4. We can arrange for fully licensed tradesmen to be involved when we deem necessary.
  5. We keep records of all the building process so you can easily obtain your occupation certificate upon completion.


Is the owner builder co-operative right for you?

I talk with owner builders all the time. Everyone is in a slightly different situation so you need to be sure that you can participate freely without causing you financial stress.


You need to factor in the cost of you being away from work not earning an income but if you have ample (2-3 months) leave entitlements then you are set ready to go.

We help you get everything organised and then as soon as you are ready to start building you take your leave.

It is possible to be at lock up stage in 6 weeks from commencement if everything is properly organised.

Remember ! The time people spend on your project is the time you pledge to their project. You can tailor this to suit your own time commitments.

I had 6 weeks long service leave owing to me and 4 weeks annual leave. With this time I was able to get my home to lock up and help 2 other owner builders get theirs to lock up. It was a real sense of community spirit and we are all now good friends. Matt organised everything and the whole process went like clock work. Just doing this saved me over $40k in labour.

Peter & Jenny   Quakers Hill NSW

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