Helping Commercial Builders

The preparation and ongoing maintenance of detailed critical path schedules using Project Management (PM) software.

We routinely undertake detailed project analysis to determine the cause and effect of delay-related issues such as Extensions of Time (EOT) and Variation claims.

As a core service we provide the following;

  • Tender Schedules
  • Construction Schedules
  • Total management of Program Schedule
  • Resource Management
  • Material Handling & Site Establishment Analysis
  • Method Statements

Helping the Owner Builder


If you have ever considered designing your own home or managing your own building project as an owner builder then you are in the right place.

If you are considering buying a kit home or anything to do with sustainability then you have probably spent many hours researching websites like this.

Greenify Consulting is a not-for-profit organisation that brings control and transparency to your project.

There is a lot of good quality free information available on websites and forums to do with building a new home and in particular sustainable building. However it can be quite overwhelming as you become overloaded with options, free DIY, advertisements and links to companies trying to sell you products and services.

Greenify Consulting is a totally independent project management service that focuses on each owner builder as an individual. With over 25 years of building experience our aim is to provide custom advice no matter what type of building project you have in mind.

Our service brings control to your building project. The entire process is transparent and you will be involved every step of the way from the cost planning to custom design and project completion.

Whether you decide to engage a builder or you want to be an owner builder then we have you covered.


A Holistic Approach to Design1335487_check-box

We specialise in sustainable housing and have been involved in numerous successful projects using a holistic approach to design.We aim to achieve excellent energy efficiency and low build cost without compromising on quality.

No one knows what you want in a home design better than you. This is why you sit in the drivers seat. Of course we don’t expect you to understand all the local council and legal restrictions associated with your project so that is how we help.

We also have an excellent understanding of the current issues to do with sustainable housing so we can point you in the right direction. This allows you to make the appropriate decisions with being totally aware of cost and other important issues.

You will be in total control of your cost which is the greatest down fall for owner builders.

I will be writing a blog on how you can get started.

Owner Builders usually are able to start with a basic sketch that gives us the idea of what you want. My blog will give you a step by step introduction to designing your own home. This will be invaluable for you to get your dream professionally drafted and ready for council to approve.


Getting a Loan1259850_calculator_3

  • Using our service you will have a better chance to qualify for an 80% bank loan even if you decide to be an owner builder.
  • You will be given the tools builders use to manage their finances and keep control of cash flow.
  • You will also have the right cost information that allows you to manage the individual trades so that you don’t get ripped off.
  • Check out our blog on getting a loan. It will be worth the time if you are finding it difficult to obtain a loan as an owner builder.



The Building Process1020809_worker

You will be provided with an updated individual Construction Program that sequences the works and tracks progress and costs on a regular basis. This will identify each step of the way from;

  1.        buying your land
  2.        designing your home
  3.        pricing your home
  4.        organising your builder or tradesmen
  5.        moving into your new home.

Most importantly you will have Greenify Consulting available to you throughout the entire process.

Finally you may be able to purchase materials for trade prices or cheaper due to our industry contacts.

check out the resources page of this website to see the type of construction program you will get. Before your eyes glaze over and you suffer from cognitive overload read it slowly and look at the headings and see what they mean. This is the only way you will understand how this process will help you stay in control. It is not as difficult as it looks. If it was then I wouldn’t understand it!



Greenify Consulting is a family owned and operated business1145581_chavdar_in_green_5

The person you speak to on the phone today is the person that will work with you to manage your project from start to finish”


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