If you are planning to design and build your own sustainable home then you need some professional project management advice before you start spending money.

Too many times I have helped owner builders and even other clients who have engaged consultants and tradesmen directly before fully understanding the costs associated with building.

Unfortunately the money has been spent and there is no way to recover it. This usually leads to costly re-designing or worse still rectifying work that does not comply with local regulations or the BCA.

My business is to de-mystify the process and costs associated with building a home. The techniques I use are easy to understand even for owner builders without any prior building knowledge.

The detailed cost calculator is an excellent guide break down all your expenses into material and labour costs. There are also guides to show you how much you could expect to pay for statutory and and professional services.

Interactive program schedules keep you on track in terms of time and budget. These are the key to a successful and professionally managed building project.

For more information about what we can provide for you please check out the website or contact us directly for a friendly discussion.

To download the spreadsheets and cost calculators go to my resources or calculators pages for information on how to use them.

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