If you have been investigating all the options of kit homes and are now planning on buying  cheap discontinued stock then you need to read this!


With the building industry being so slow a number of suppliers of kit homes have an over-supply of stock that they need to sell. There is an opportunity to save 000’s at the moment by buying cheap discontinued stock.

Some kits have been sitting in warehouses for up to 5 years. Although the styles and designs may have changed with the times  the quality is still there. Most of the kits are only to lock up stage so the choice of interior finish is still yours.

Even though this isn’t really regarded as recycling I would regard it as sensible consumerism. Besides you haven’t really contributed to green house emissions because it was not your decision to commission the build in the first place. You are just making sure the embodied energy during manufacture has not gone to waste. In my mind it is a form of recycling.

If you are still flexible with the style of home you are looking for then you should consider this option. Most clients I have worked with always want slight variations to the kit homes that are available. At this stage it is possible to make the changes with minimal cost.

The biggest problem regarding this option is location. Some manufacturers are travelling long distances at their cost just to sell a product. Of course we want to minimise transport for a multitude of reasons. This is why I have good industry contacts and a database that covers kit homes stock across the country. You will be presented with the best options with least harm to the environment.

If you are interested in a free consultation contact me with the style of  home you have been looking for. I will be happy to advise you of your options.

To see kits that are available now see below


available Kits

Due to the sudden increase in construction activity all excess stock has been sold.(20-01-2016)

For the latest kit home information please contact me directly.


SOLD5-08-14 NSW Far north Coast – Tweed 3 Bedroom Home  3 Bedroom Kit home (1133)

SOLD 27-7-1413-06-14 NSW Central Tablelands Armidale 3 Bedroom Kit

SOLD 10-6-1431-03-14 NSW Mid North Coast 4 Bedroom kit home

SOLD 1-04-14 NSW South Coast Wollongong     3 Bedroom Kit

SOLD 28-02-14NSW Mid North Coast (Port Macquarie) 16-02-14           3 Bedroom Kit

SOLD 14-02-14 NSW Central coast 20-01-14 (Tuggerah) 3 Bedroom Kit Home

SOLD 22-01-14NSW Central West (Moree) 3 Bedroom Kit home    16-12-13

SOLD 16-12-13NSW North Coast (Taree) 3 Bedroom Kit 16/10/13

SOLD 18-10-13NSW South Coast (Wollongong) 4 Bedroom Kit 21-9-13

SOLD 23-9-13 NSW North Coast 3 Bedroom Kit home 9-8-13  (Murwillumbah)

SOLD 12-8-13NSW Central West (Inverell) 3 Bedroom Kit home 26-7-13

SOLD 26-7-13 NSW Mid North coast 3 Bedroom Kit 2-7-13 (Coffs Harbour)

SOLD updated 17-6-13 NSW Far North Coast 3-6-13 (Tweed Area)  4 Bedroom Kit

SOLD SOLD SOLD updated 18-3-13. Next kit available 4-4-13  ( 4 Bedroom Central coast NSW )

NSW south coast 19-03-13SOLD

NSW Central coast 26-03-13SOLD

NSW Central West 8-4-13  3 Bedroom Kit SOLD 26-04-13

NSW Mid north coast 27-04-13 3 bedroom Kit (Port Macquarie)Withdrawn from sale 23-5-13


If you want information regarding the next available kit home then please send me a message via the contact page