Q: What services do you provide?

A: Greenify Consulting offers a range of practical, cost effective & sustainable solutions for anybody wanting transparency and control over their building project. Whether it is design management, cost estimating or construction management Greenify Consulting has the experience and systems to keep the entire process under control. We make sure you have fully designed your project to a level that can be approved for construction. Then we help you arrange finance for your project. Then we help you engage qualified tradesmen to carry out the work. Finally we ensure work is carried out properly and completely before payment is made to the tradespeople.

Q: How much do your services cost?

A: Greenify Consulting is a not-for-profit organisation.We provide both “free advice” and “fee for service” depending on the level of involvement in your project. We can completely manage the entire process from start to finish and depending on the complexity of the  project the cost can vary from a little as 1% build cost. Please ask for a quote based on your situation.

To secure my services I review your plans and specifications the provide you with a quote. After you approve the quotation payment is made and I commence work on your project.

Every client and every project is different depending on the level of involvement in your project. Average client costs range between $400-$1200. Call for a friendly discussion about your project.

Q: Why do I need an independent project manager?

A:  An independent Project Manager has no conflict of interest with providers of Professional services, trades or suppliers. This keeps the entire process transparent and cost competitive.

Also the expertise and experience of an independent Project Manager will mean timely and cost effective decision making for your project.

Q: What Sustainable Building Methods do you specialise in?

A: We have no pre-conceived method. Every client and every situation is unique. We assess your needs and then based on your location we offer a range of solutions to provide the most cost effective and energy efficient outcomes without compromising on quality. We have been involved with straw bale homes, recycled homes, reverse brick, AAC, Sandwich Panel, Cobb and many more. All of which have achieved greater than 7 star building performance and energy efficiency rating.

Q: How do your services save me money?

A: We have been involved in the construction industry for over 28 years. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you don’t have building experience. Building your own home can be very satisfying if done right. We ensure that you will have all the correct advice before you start spending money. This will avoid costly purchases or over-capitalisation. We have had clients come to us with plans already designed and drawn. Unfortunately some of these designs have never been realised because the cost to build them was too excessive. Then our client has had to spend money of re-design before moving forward.

Q: How does owner building save me money?

A: Firstly you don’t pay a builder’s profit margin which can be as high as 30% project cost. Secondly you may already know someone or even yourself may have some skills to perform some of the works. Painting an average home by a contractor usually costs between $10-20k. If you performed these works yourself then you are only up for the cost of the paint $2-3k.

Q: Can I get a bank loan to owner build?

A: Yes you can. Owner builders usually are only allowed to borrow up to 60% total loan amount which means 40% deposit. With our system most of our clients have received 80% of the total loan cost. The Bank Manager is usually very happy with the level of information our system provides them.

Q: If I owner build is the work legal?

A: It is illegal to contract with unlicensed tradesmen. We ensure that all your tradesmen or builder is fully qualified and insured before they sign up to start.