Owner Builder Loans are difficult to get approved because banks see owner builders as a big risk.

Banks have very good reasons for regarding owner builders as high risk because of the well documented history of failures.

Owner Builders generally don’t have construction experience and this leads to problems with design, scheduling trades, contracting tradesmen, quality of work and time management.

As a result homes that are built by owner builders are more expensive than first anticipated, of poor quality, slow to build  (mostly never finished) and finally poorly designed.

Greenify Consulting offers owner builders a system that removes the risks.

Using my system owner builders can now qualify for a loan equal to 80% LVR (Loan Value Ratio)

It gets better than this. Because you now don’t need to engage a builder then you will save the profit margin which is usually in the 20-30% of building cost.

Because you have saved 20-30% on the cost of the home then in fact the 80% LVR means 100% of the required amount to build your home.

The savings you make stay in YOUR pocket and not the builder.

The money saved can then go towards other things that you generally can’t afford at the time of building a home…such as new furniture or a car or better still paying off your mortgage quicker.

Also because you are already 20-30% ahead of all people building a new home contracted with a builder your mortgage is that much less already.

I know it sounds too good to be true …. there is a catch. To qualify for owner builder loans you still need to qualify for my system to work.

You will still need to have saved a deposit equal to 20% of the build cost of your home or combined house/land cost. This deposit needs to be based on the cost for a contract builder to build your home.

You will also need to have a fair degree of discipline in managing your financial affairs. Even though I provide systems that make this simple you will still need to use it….diligently!

You will also need to have proof of being able to satisfy lending institution guidelines for loan repayments.

Finally you will also need to abide by the rules governing my system. These are;

  1. A fully itemised cost estimate of the build.
  2. A detailed work schedule/program.
  3. A fully developed design including structural, geotechnical and thermal performance.
  4. A cash flow report for your project. This determines the draw downs for the loan.
  5. Qualified, Registered and/or Licensed tradesmen to carry out works required by law.
  6. Written agreements with all trades and suppliers confirming scope of labour and supply.
  7. Regular progress inspections by qualified building surveyors/certifiers prior to payments being issued.
  8. Regular monitoring of progress based on original program.

Greenify Consulting provides the system for all of the above and helps you stay in control of the process at all times.

Defaulting on any of the above may lead to funding being halted. As a result the lender may request that a licensed builder take over the construction to completion. This may lead to price gouging.

Because Greenify Consulting offers a service and does not base income on profit you can be in control of how much or how little I am involved in your project.

If you engage Greenify Consulting as a Project Manager for your project then on average I allow 1 hour per week for 26 weeks. That is equivalent to 26 hours at $150 per hour. This is a little under $4000 to help you manage your project. Considering a project builder charges 20-30% of the build cost to manage your project this works out as a considerable saving.

As an example a home costing $300k for a project builder includes a management fee of $60-90k. My fee is $4k. Go figure that out.

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