Finance for Owner Builders

If you think getting finance to be an owner builder will be simple then you had better think again.

If you already have good equity in an existing home and you can use this as security then you will probably qualify for a loan to owner build.

Too many would-be owner builders I speak to are frustrated by the rules that govern their loan applications. Banks see owner builders as a risk..because they are a high risk.

My answer to owner builders is simple…..start small with what you can afford to build with the absolute minmal loan. If the loan is just for the land then you should be ok. If you need money to build the home then you may be in trouble.

Most owner builders I work with are already cashed up. The savings these owner builders realise is in the 100’s thousands. Too good to be true?… way! If you don’t have to contract a builder then the savings you make on your project stay in your pocket…not theirs.

OK so you’re not a builder….that is why you employ a building professional to help you manage your project. This is what a professional project manager such as Greenify Consulting does.

The cost associated with employing a project manager is very cost effective. Most projects cost around $4000 for complete project management services from start to finish.

For a free consultation then send me a quick email via my link below. I would be happy to discuss your project with you.



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